Finding An Electrician

In Australia, homeowners are allowed to change their own lightbulbs and operate electrical appliances in the manner for which they are designed. Any electrical work beyond that, it’s time to call a licenced electrician.

If your Venatic report recommends engaging an electrical contractor or you are planning on having other electrical work done, you must engage a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC). They will send a licenced and qualified electrician to do the work to the required standards.

Energy Safe Victoria has around 45,000 active electricians or Registered Electrical Contractors in Victoria. You can find one of these licensed electricians by using the Energy Safe Victoria ‘Find a Tradie’ search tool, use Google to search for a qualified contractor in your local area or ask your Venatic inspector for a referral.

Ask to see their licence

Always ask to see your contractor’s licence – this is your guarantee they are qualified and competent to undertake your electrical work.

A Grade Licence

Registered Electrical Contractor’s Licence

Electrical Inspector Licence

Switchgear Worker’s Licence

Supervised Workers Licence

Restricted Electrical Worker’s Licence

Ask for a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES)

All electrical installation work completed on your home requires a Certificate of Electrical Safety to be completed by your licenced electrician. This certificate is an assurance the work has been completed by an appropriately qualified electrician in accordance with Energy Safe Victoria standards.

There are 2 types of certificates that your electrician may issue –

A Prescribed Certificate is issued for major electrical wiring work which covers all work done on wiring and equipment where the electricity cannot be turned off (e.g. Work on wires up to the switchboard). All work issued with a prescribed certificate must be inspected by a qualified inspector (your electrician will arrange this inspection.

A Non-Prescribed Certificate is issued for all minor electrical wiring work (e.g. installing or maintenance of power points and lighting). Work issued with a non-prescribed certificate does not require an inspection, but Energy Safe Victoria may arrange one with your agreement for compliance auditing purposes.

Who to contact if you have issues

If your electrical contractor does not show you his/her licence or does not issue you with a certificate, you can raise your concerns with Energy Safe Victoria.

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