Gas Heater Safety

Gas Heater Safety

All gas heaters have the potential to leak carbon monoxide and cause serious health implications. Here is our guide to gas heater safety.
What does a pest inspection consist of?

What does a pest inspection consist of?

The vast majority of homes are at risk of timber pest attack. We walk through what is included in a pest inspection.


What is mould? Mould is a organically occurring fungus and varies in its presentation. It can appear as a fuzz, stain or smudge commonly in shades of green black and white. What causes mould? Mould spreads and grows from tiny particles called…

Locks – The Standards

Locks are essential for the security of your home. Here is our guide to the the requirements for the rental minimum standards.
What does a building inspection consist of?

What does a pre-purchase building inspection consist of?

You know building inspections are important, but what does a pre-purchase inspection consist of? Here's our guide.
When to arrange your inspection

When do I need to arrange a Building and Pest Inspection?

You have found the perfect home, now when do you need to arrange your building and pest inspection? Here's our guide.
Window Coverings Bedroom

Window Coverings – The Standards

Window coverings are essential for blocking light and providing privacy but can also be a hazard. We walk through the safety standards.
Do I need a Building and Pest Inspection in gippsland

Do I need a Building and Pest Inspection?

A Building and Pest Inspection will provide peace of mind to you as purchaser in what is often the largest investment you will ever make.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are compulsory safety devices residential buildings. Here is our guide to smoke alarm installation and maintenance.
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