Vendor Inspection Reports

Vendor Inspection Reports

We know a building and pest inspection is a critical part of due diligence for any serious home buyer; but did you know Vendor Inspection Reports are also one of the most valuable investments a seller can make before listing their home?

As a seller, we want to achieve the best possible price in a process that is seamless. A Vendor Inspection Report provides peace of mind for all parties with regards to the condition of the home. Having completed an independent building and pest inspection prior to listing also provides you a competitive edge and paves the way for a seamless transaction.

Let’s walk through some of the benefits of a Vendor Inspection Report –

Peace of Mind

At the heart of every report, we strive to provide all parties Peace of Mind.

A Vendor Inspection Report provides the seller an awareness of any hidden defects or pest activity in the home. This empowers the seller to remove the possibility of nasty surprises that can impact the buyer’s enthusiasm about the property prior to listing.

From the buyers perspective, they find comfort from a seller that is being honest and transparent about the homes condition. Because of the investment made in an independent report by the seller profits are less likely to be diminished through negotiation and the risk of the buyer pulling out all together is significantly reduced.

Competitive Edge

A Vendor Inspection Report can give you the competitive edge to stand out in the market.

Marketing yourself as a seller with nothing to hide provides a point of difference that boosts the confidence of buyers. With every Vendor Inspection Report we provide a QR Code that directs your buyers to the interactive Building and Pest Report in seconds.

As simple as scanning a QR Code at an inspection or open house provides buyers confidence in the home. Buyers at an auction that may not want to pay for their own inspection in case they miss out on the property or couldn’t arrange one in time now have the ability to bid with confidence. Even buyers that were planning on having their own inspection completed have the confidence to make a serious offer!

Seamless Transaction

When buyers are keen on your property, they will be as eager as you are to close the sale fast.

Because you have been transparent, buyers are able to act with confidence and are less likely want their own inspection. No nervously waiting for the buyers building and pest inspection to be published, hoping they don’t find anything that may cause a renegotiation or even break the sale. Even if the buyer decides to have their own building and pest report completed, you have peace of mind and confidence in the health of the home you are selling.

Venatic Vendor Inspection Reports

A Venatic Vendor Inspection Report is completed to the same Australian Standards as a pre purchase building and pest inspection. This provides you and buyers assurance that there will be no surprises on any subsequent reports ordered by the purchaser.

After the Vendor Inspection Report is provided, sellers have the opportunity to rectify any issues identified in the report. Venatic can provide a Re Inspection to confirm the identified issues have been rectified.

After the Re Inspection, a report will be provided to reflect that the original issue has been appropriately rectified.

A QR Code linking directly to the report is provided with each Venatic Vendor Inspection Report.

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