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Preparing for a Pre Purchase Inspection

Preparing for your buyers Pre Purchase Inspection Formally accepting an offer on your home is an exciting moment for any homeowner but it can become quite a nervous time waiting to hear the results of the potential buyers building and pest report. While there is no pass or fail, preparing for a pre purchase inspection […]

10 Tips For Leaving Your Home For Holidays

Getting ready to hit the road and put your feet up? Here are our top tips for leaving your home for holidays! Turn Off Water  While unlikely, a major plumbing leak appearing while you away on holidays would be a real dampener. Simply turn off your water at the meter when you leave for holidays […]

Summer Home Maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist   We have put together the ultimate guide to prepare your home for the warmer months this year with our summer home maintenance checklist! Remove dead leaves from gutters, roof and downpipes. Debris build up in the roof and gutter system not only makes the homes drainage system less efficient in heavy […]

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Rental Minimum Standards Inspection

Rental Minimum Standards Inspection Ensure your rental property is compliant with current rental minimum standards with an independent inspection from our experienced team. Clients are provided with a comprehensive report within 24 hours of inspection detailing compliance against the REIV Rental Minimum Standards Checklist complete with photos evidencing compliance. Clients may wish to choose to […]

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Smoke Alarm Inspections

Smoke Alarm Inspection A Venatic Smoke Alarm Inspection service provides both rental providers and home owners with peace of mind that this critical safety device is maintained and ready to perform and protect both the home and its occupants. Our 12 month subscription service includes a complete peace of mind smoke alarm service. Smoke Alarm […]

Pool and Spa Compliance

Registration and Inspection New laws have been introduced with relation to pool and spa compliance to improve pool safety and reduce incidents of children drowning at home. Owners of land where there is a pool or spa capable of holding more than 300mm must register their pool or spa with the relevant council. Owners are […]

Vendor Inspection Reports

We know a building and pest inspection is a critical part of due diligence for any serious home buyer; but did you know it is also one of the most valuable investments a seller can make before listing their home?

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