10 tips on leaving your home for holidays

Getting ready to hit the road and put your feet up?

Here are our top tips for leaving your home for holidays!

Turn Off Water 

While unlikely, a major plumbing leak appearing while you away on holidays would be a real dampener. Simply turn off your water at the meter when you leave for holidays to ensure you don’t return to any nasty surprises!

Unplug Electrical Devices

Avoid electrical faults in your appliances while you are away from by unplugging them from the outlet. This will also save you on your power bill (one way you can justify a few extra holiday happy hour drinks)!

Clean up indoors

Ever come home from a few weeks away to find the fridge lost power? Remember to use up any perishable foods, clean out the fridge in anticipation of a power outage, empty bins, do the dishes and leave the dishwasher door open.

Clean up outdoors

Ensure guttering is clear of debris to ensure water can get away from the home in wet periods and there is no fuel for potential ember attacks in the summer. We have some great tips on Gutter Maintenance on our blog. In the summer months, its also important to keep litter clear of the house and keep the lawns mowed to reduce fire risk.

Consider ‘Smart Lighting’

Leaving your lights on at all hours for the time you are away may make it more obvious that you are away from home and rack up a pricey power bill. Consider installing smart lighting to turn on/off on the same schedule they would when you are home.

Have a neighbour look out for your home

Having a neighbour help out with simple tasks such as clearing out the mail box and taking out the bins will give the impression that somebody is home. Relax knowing someone is keeping an eye on your home while you are away.

Check Door Locks

Before you leave home, make sure your locks are up to standard. If your external doors aren’t fitted with a security door its a good idea to make sure a deadlock is fitted to the door. Check out our blog post on the minimum standards for locks for more information

Don’t forget your pets!

If your pets aren’t coming on your holiday consider giving them a holiday of their own! While daily visits to your home from a pet sitter may work for your pets, there is no substitute for the 24hr care and peace of mind a kennel or cattery can provide. Its also the only way to be certain your couch hasn’t been deconstructed one thread at a time while you are away. A few of our local favourites are Country Pine Kennels and Cattery in Longford, Eastside Boarding Kennels near Traralgon and Shelbys Place in Metung.

Stage your home

In addition to smart lights and and getting your bins out on bin day, drop a few hints that someone might be home. Rather than fully closing blinds so people cant see in, leave them partially open. Leave some shoes at the front door and consider leaving a car in the driveway.

Don’t post on social media

Finally; when you are on holidays, wait until you are home before you show off that Bondi beach bod on the gram. Posting holiday photos on social media while on holidays is a public announcement that your home is currently unoccupied.


Happy holidays from the team at Venatic Building and Pest!

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