Our guide to maintaining gutters in top condition so they continue to collect and divert water away from your home effectively.

Hot Water Safety

Hot water is stored at high temperatures to prevent bacteria growth. This can cause serious burns is not reduced before it reaches the tap.

Building Permits

What kind of works require a Building Permit? Was there a permit issued for work on your home? Here is our guide on how to find out.

Balustrade Standards

Balustrades are a safety feature of decks and balconies, learn more about the standards for balustrades to ensure yours are safe.


Does your home contain asbestos? Is asbestos in the home safe? Here is our guide on how to detect and deal with asbestos in the home.

Condensation Management

Poor ventilation in the home can lead to structural degradation and timber pest attack. Check out our guide to ensure your home is protected.

TPR Valve Drainage

What is a TPR Valve and why is drainage for your TPR Valve important? Read our guide on this critical safety device.

Finding An Electrician

Any electrical work in Victoria must be completed by an electrician. Here is our guide to ensure your electrician is appropriately qualified.

Finding A Plumber or Gasfitter

Plumbing work in Victoria must be completed by an appropriately licenced plumber. This is our guide to find the right plumber for your job.
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