Does my shed need a permit?

In Victoria, most sheds require a building permit to be issued from your local councils planning department. This is to ensure compliance of the structure for the safety of the occupants or people using the space.

While permit requirements can vary slightly from location to location, generally speaking a permit is required if the structure is –

  • Over 2.4m in height,
  • Greater than 10m2 in area,
  • Less than 1m from a boundary,
  • Attached to another structure or building

It is strongly recommended that you contact your local councils town planning department to discuss your requirements in terms of building and potentially planning permits. Venatic Building and Pest have information on permit requirements and obtaining permits here.

When building a shed, you can either use a registered builder or register yourself as an owner-builder to manage the project.

Using a registered builder for your Shed

Most registered builders will offer to apply for the relevant permits for you for an administration fee with your permission. Alternatively, you can apply for permits yourself with a registered building surveyor. This building surveyor may be from you local council or a private service.

A registered builder must be complete any building work over $10,000 (including labour and materials) under a domestic building contract.

If the building work is over $16,000, you builder must also provide Domestic Building Insurance.

Owner builder Sheds

When undertaking the project as an owner builder there are a number of things to consider –

  • You must submit applications for relevant building permits with yourself named as an owner builder prior to starting any works.
  • For any work over $16,000, you must obtain a certificate of consent from the VBA before commencing work.
  • Any trades people engaged to commence work over $10,000 must enter a major domestic building contract.
  • Consideration may also be made to enrolling in an owner builder education course.

Consumer Affairs Victoria have a helpful owner builders checklist for reference if considering this option or selling as an owner builder. There may also be further requirements for owner builders should they decide to sell the property.

Plumbing & Electrical Work

As with any structure, all plumbing on your shed including roof sheeting and guttering must be completed by an appropriately qualified plumber. Your plumber is required to issue a compliance certificate for any works completed over the value of $750.

In the same regard, if you are having power connected to your shed, any electrical work must be completed by and appropriately qualified electrician. Your electrician must issues a Certificate of Electrical Safety an assurance the work has been completed by an appropriately qualified electrician in accordance with Energy Safe Victoria standards.

Selling your home 

When the certificate of final inspection or certificate of occupancy was issued less that six and a half years from the date of sale, there are requirements owner-builders must meet.

If you have built a shed on your property as an owner-builder over the value of $16,000 as an owner builder you must –

  • Obtain a 137B Owner Builder Defect Report from a Registered Building Surveyor
  • Obtain your own Domestic Builders Insurance

When the value of a shed is under $16,000, only a 137B Owner Builder Defect Report is required.

Sheds built by a registered builder require no further inspection prior to sale.

Insurance is covered by your builders domestic building insurance for shed’s valued over $16,000.

For peace of mind pre-sale and pre-purchase, Venatic Building and Pest recommend a combined building and pest inspection of your home and outbuildings.

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