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Your Venatic Bedbug Treatment in Gippsland

Successful Bedbug removal requires the thorough and meticulous treatment of a professional.

Through our understanding of the bed bug behaviours and life cycle as well as effective formulations and techniques we will ensure you can sleep tight without those Bedbugs biting!

Your treatment will include a thorough inspection of the infested room (and potentially adjoining rooms) including all items stored in the room. From here, we will advise on the best course of treatment. This typically includes treatment of identified harbourage areas including mattresses, bed frames, carpets and drapes. Bed Bug treatments will always include a second visit for inspection and treatment of any Bedbugs that have emerged from their eggs post treatment to ensure the entire infestation has been thoroughly treated.

When booking your pest treatment, you will be provided a copy of our pre-treatment checklist.

Make sure you read this document thoroughly to ensure you get the most out of your treatment!

Bedbug Treatments – $750 including follow up treatment.

What to Expect from Your Bedbug Treatment


To be Bedbug free, of course! A successful treatment does require some teamwork and time.

Prior to our arrival it is important that any bedding, clothing and any soft furnishings that can be washed are removed from the room in bags and washed in a hot wash. This will allow us to perform a thorough inspection and treatment of the remaining items.

Treatment will involve attendance and treatment on at least two occasions. To prevent spread to other areas of the property, it is strongly recommended that the room remains vacant until we confirm there is no longer Bedbug activity in the room. It only takes 1 Bedbug to survive treatment or be moved to another area of the property to start another infestation.

The products used for your treatment are designed to have maximum effectiveness in controlling Bedbugs while maintaining the highest level of safety for your family, pets and guests.

What Can You Do?

Bedbugs are expert hitchhikers typically found in accommodation venues but will enter your home on luggage and pyjamas from a trip away and occasionally on second hand furniture. Thoroughly inspect these items before entering your home; particularly along seams where bedbugs may be hiding.

General hygiene including regular vacuuming, washing bedding regularly (hot wash if possible) and sealing any cracks and crevices that may provide harbourage for bed bugs will help with prevention of larger infestations and allow for more effective treatment should an infestation occur.

Due to the sensitive areas to be treated, if you are noticing the tell-tail blood spots on your bedding it is time to call Venatic. If you suspect Bed Bugs are present in a room, we advise to avoid entry to this room until it has been successfully treated to prevent spread to other areas of your home/venue.

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