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Your Venatic Possum Treatment in Gippsland

While possums are a protected species and must be treated sensitively, they are also considered a pest in your home and can cause extensive damage. Possums are known to chew house wiring and urinate through the roof space causing staining and offensive odours in the home.

The objective of management of possums is to exclude them from the roof space permanently with minimal stress caused to the animal. Our technicians will attend to assess and quote on the most appropriate management plan for your individual situation.

When booking your quote, you will be provided a copy of our pre-treatment checklist.

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What to Expect from Your Possum Treatment


To be possum free, of course! As possums are a protected species, we treat every possum issue with care for the animal as our highest priority. The best scenario for the possum is that we exclude them from your roof space. We then block access so they can continue to live in the environment outside your home. We can also provide and install possum boxes to allow them a safe, warm alternative to nesting in your roof space.

This involves temporary installation of a trail camera in your roof space to monitor activity prior to implementing exclusion plans. This ensures measures can be put in place with minimal distress to the animal(s). The trail camera will remain in place for a few days after the possum is excluded to ensure there is no further activity.

What Can You Do?

A simple way to tell if the banging in your roof space is from a possum or a rodent is to pop an apple in the access overnight. If the apple is mostly eaten or gone all together in the morning, it is likely you have a possum, if the apple has small chew marks, it is likely the sound you are hearing is rats.

If you have a possum, do not attempt to capture it yourself. Possums are known to carry disease and can become aggressive when they feel threatened – leave management of possums to our experienced professionals!

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