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Your Venatic Flea Treatment in Gippsland

Through our understanding of the lifecycle and behaviours of Fleas, we will treat your home with the right formulations and techniques eradicate Fleas from your home. With your assistance by treating your pets for Fleas the same day as treatment, we offer a service that will provide you long term eradication of Flea infestations – we guarantee it for 6 months!

Internally we will treat areas considered safe and necessary including carpets, rugs, cracks in floorboards, furniture and skirtings.

Externally we treat areas such as lawns, gardens, subfloors and of course the kennel!

When booking your pest treatment, you will be provided a copy of our pre-treatment checklist.

Make sure you read this document thoroughly to ensure you get the most out of your treatment!

Flea Treatments – $330 Including our 6-month service period.

If the pests come back, so do we!

What to Expect from Your Flea Treatment


To be Flea free, of course! But for strong and lasting results, this is a team effort. Treating your pets for Fleas the same day as the treatment, vacuuming the floors and mowing the lawns nice and short prior to treatment will and letting us know about the areas your pets frequent will set us all up for success.

We use residual products in conjunction with insect growth regulators for flea treatments which provides long residual life impacting all life stages of the Flea’s lifecycle. Generally, we recommend a preventative general pest treatment every 6-12 months to keep pest populations under control.

The products used for your treatment are designed to have maximum effectiveness in controlling Fleas while maintaining the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

What Can You Do?

The best way to prevent Fleas is to be proactive and treat your pets and wash their bedding regularly. Vacuuming areas your pests frequent regularly is also effective in preventing an infestation. As mentioned above, vacuuming not only removes Fleas at all stages, but it stimulates pupa to emerge (this is why it is important to vacuum prior to treatment). If you vacuum up fleas, be sure to spray or heat treat the contents of your vacuum!

DIY ‘flea bombs’ have limited effect as they are not residual. They will kill active adults but not the eggs and pupa. This is why Fleas emerge in rental properties that have been Flea bombed at the end of lease when the new tenants move in. The vibrations of the new tenants and their pests alert the dormant eggs and pupa that there is a new host in town!

If prevention methods have been unsuccessful, it is best to contact Venatic who have the products and knowledge to get your infestation under control.

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